Certified Chaplain &
General Ministry Licensure

General Ministry Licensure
Licensure for Chaplaincy adds a level of legal authority to
your work as a Christian Chaplain. The UCCA uses
Christian Ministries International
as our licensing organization.
You may apply for
Independent, General Ministry Licensure through
UCMI. Having a license for ministry will open more opportunities of access
for the work of Christian Chaplaincy. Many public institutions will only
honor Chaplains who hold valid ministry licensure. This assures them
that there is a recognized organized Christian Ministry that is endorsing
the Chaplain and that holds them in accountability in their work ethic.
Your license will include a registered identification number
that can be checked for validity online in the
UCMI Database.
You can apply for General Ministry Licensure by following the link below:
Apply for Independent General Ministry Licensure
Please note that this will open a new window. Close the window
when you have completed the process.

UCCA Certified Chaplain Licensure
The Professional Certified Chaplains Ministry License is a different credential
than the Member Identification. It will be more widely accepted and
honored in your work in Chaplaincy. The Certified Chaplain License can only be
obtained by completing the
Certification Instruction as well as having obtained
your General Ministry Licensure from UCMI or other acceptable source.
This license is issued for life and only requires regular member renewal
to be kept in force and fully backed by the UCCA. This coveted licensure
requires an initial one time recording and issuance fee. It will include
a parchment certificate of licensure as well as an identification card
that states that you are both Certified and Licensed for the work of
Chaplaincy. Additional credentials such as photo ID are available at
this licensure level. Automobile parking plackard is also offered.